JuriAfrica, African law portal, is the ownership of African Law Resources LLC, a companyincorporated under the laws of the State of New York (USA), whose aim encompasses the economic and social developmentof Africaby way of researches, analyses, publications and disseminationof Africanlegal information.

The launch of the website and the app thereofembodiessome of the African Law Resources LLC’s goals.

JuriAfrique offers to the interested public, through its blogs and services such as JuriDocs, JuriBoutique, African Lawyers and  its specialized legal journals, including JuriAfrique Magazine, an extensive  database of legal information and  comprehensivelegal professionals’ studies and handouts    (Senior judges and lawyers throughoutthe African States,  legal and tax advisors, Notaries public and bailiffs),as well as African and foreign researchersand professors of law interested to Africa.