Gabon Takes the Initiative in the Transition from Analogue to Digital Television

Rédigé le 05/09/2018

Decree No. 1366 of 3 November 2017 by the Prime Minister was enacted in order to reorganize the national steering committee in charge of the implementation of the transition from analog to digital terrestrial television.

The National Committee is to define the terms and conditions of migration to digital terrestrial television (DTT).

The National Committee is responsible for proposing the operating model of the audiovisual sector after the transition, including the dissemination of TV programs to make the choice between the exclusivity of the State or the public / private partnership. It is also responsible for drafting the laws and regulations necessary for the implementation of DTT, prepare a communication and information campaign for the people on the transition to digital and its impacts in terms of programs and equipment needs.

This committee will be careful to establish an implementation schedule of DTT by taking into account the State investment constraints and its international commitments.

Regarding its organization, it consists of a steering committee, a technical committee and a monitoring unit. Moreover, the costs of the national steering committee are supported by project funds.

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By Justice William Elion